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With  over  25+  years  of  auto  sales  experience,  I  have  developed a  network of Professional  Auto Sales  Managers.  These are trusted colleagues with whom I’ve  worked over the course of my professional career in auto sales.  This means that I have access to a wide variety of makes and models and inventory.  

Whatever  your  vehicle  needs  are,  whether  it  be  fun  in  the  sun,  drive  the  kids  to school,  a family vacation trip, or  a  commercial  vehicle  for your  business, we stand ready to  fill  those needs. Your one-stop-shop for  just about about anything on wheels, including  commercial trucks  that  may  even  need  to  be  up-fitted….  So please contact us soon!!!


All  That  You Need  To  Do,  Is  Give  Me  The  Make  &  Model  Of  Your  Dream  Vehicle With  A  List  Of  All  ” Must Have ”  Options.   I  Will  Go  To  Work  For  You  On  Both Price  &  Trade-in.  Trade-ins  Are  More  Difficult  As  The  ” Trade Value ”  Will  Come From  The  Used  Car  Manager.   I  Will  Always  Try  To  Give  You  Some  Est,  Value. Usually  From  The  Kelly  Blue  Book,  But  That  Will Only  Be  An  Estimate.  The  UC Mgr,  Needs  To  Inspect  & Test  Drive  Your  Vehicle,  So  He Can  Give  The  Actual Trade-in Value. I  Will  Provide  You  All  Your  Cost  Including:  Selling  Price,  Rebates, Sales Tax,  License,  Doc Fees,  Plus  Any  Dealer  Adds  That  Are  Already  Installed Before  You  Go  To  The  Dealership.    Once  You  Decide  That  I  Have  Provide  You With The Deal That You Were Looking for,  We Make An Appointment  At  The  Dealer Ship  To Inspect  &  Test  Drive  Your Dream  Vehicle.  If  Everything  Is  As  I  Have Promised  You,  Including  Total  Cost  Out  The  Door,   Then  It’s  On  To  Complete    The Paper Work  And  Drive  Your  Vehicle  Home.

So when you have a need for my services, please don’t hesitate to give me a call and in most cases,  I will save you money and time… Give me an opportunity to earn your business.  From what most of my customers tell me,  they find auto buying really can be fun.   My customers become my friends…  My  contact  information  is  listed   below.   References  available on request….

EMAIL: kencars@gmail.com

PHONE: 480-442-4536  or  602-690-0352

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