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I’ve been a car sales professional for over 26 years and my philosophy is buying a car should be fun and easy, like when you got your first wagon or bike when you were younger. I work with a network of professional auto sales managers throughout the city; trusted colleagues, who have a wide variety of inventory. My connections can save you hours of time doing internet research and weekends walking around car lots not knowing if you’ve ever found the best deal. Contact me first and save yourself time and money!

It’s simple, just email me the make and model of the vehicle you want (please be specific as possible – including all options) and I’ll work with my network of auto sales professionals to find you the best deal.  There is absolutely no cost to you to use my services.

  • (1)  I Will Go To Work For You On Both ” Fleet Discount Pricing ” And Trade-In Appraisal…!   Trade-Ins  Are Very Difficult Over The Phone,  Site Unseen!..  But  I  Will  Get  You  An  Est Trade-In Value,  Ref.  Kelly Blue Book,  Just To Quote You An Est Out-The Door Price Up Front..!
  • (1a) ( In Order To Give You  “Actual”  Cash Price  Out-The-Door,   We Need To Meet  At  The Dealer-ship For The  Used  Car Buyer To  Appraise  Your  Vehicle  For The Actual  Cash Value, Or Trade-In Value )…!
  • [  2-A ]   Fleet Discount Selling Price On Your Selected Vehicle…!
  • [  2-B ]  Less  Any Rebates,  or Additional  Dealer Added Discounts…!
  • [  2-C ]   Plus Sales Tax… Sales Tax Is Always Charged After Rebate + After Trade-In Value…!
  • [  2-D ]   Plus License Fees…!
  • [  2-E ]   Dealer Doc Fee…!
  • [  2-F ]   TOTAL –  COST  – OUT – THE –  DOOR…!


480-442-4536  or  602-690-0352

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