CHEVY *CHRY *DGE*JEEP *FORD *RAM-TRKS CARS & SUVS *SAVE BIG $$$ Car Buying Shouldn’t Be Complicated, Just Fun Using My Savings Prgm Save>$$$ carsforsale used carforsale-AUTO CONSULTANT & Broker

Meet Me 4 Coffee @ Egg-n-Joe 8 am & Yes I Will Buy..! E Ocotillo Road &  S Arizona Ave, Chandler Az 85248




CARS/TRKS by KENCARS & “Friends” !!!

Auto Consultant

  • Thanks For Stopping By, I Look Forward To Helping You Save , Time, Money & NO Hassle Buying On Your Next Vehicle..!

Hello,  this  is  Ken,      I appreciate you checking out my website!  I Think You Will Like My Way Of Selling Cars & How I Treat My Customers..I’ve Been A Cars Sales Professional For Over 20 Years. My record Precedes Me. Most Customers Only Purchase A Vehicle Every 3 To 5 Years, So When You Go To The Dealership, Guess Who Has The      Advantage In The Process? ? ? You Do Now, Because You Are Putting Your Trust In me & How I do Business..Yes, I Have The Contacts… They Are My “Friends”   So I Am Here To Help You Thru The Car Buying Process!

  • That is where I come in, to help you thru the steps to take away the hassle sometimes associated with buying a vehicle!
  • Why Would You Go To The Dealership Except To Drive & Approve Your New Vehicle.  Why  Would  You  Put  Yourself  Thru  That Aggravation & Stress, When You Don’t Need To.  I will Provide You All The Cost Including My Special Fleet Pricing Discount Rebates Incentives Including Sales Tax, License & Dlr Doc Fees.  Your Total Cost Out The Door.  So Again My Way Is Easy, Just Go To The Dlr Approve Your Vehicle, Make Financial Arrangements & You Are On Your Way Home In Your New Vehicle Feeling Good About The Deal That You Made Using My Pain-Free Way Of Buying A Car…!
  • This a No Trade-In  Price Deal “
  • ” Trade-In Price Estimate” I will need year, make, miles, Vin# (17) Digits & license plate no & state so I can get you a estimated trade-in value based on Kelly Blue Book, but your vehicle will need to be inspected and possible test driven by the used car buyer in order to get your real trade-in value,(ACV) known as Actual Cash Value !
  • I treat my customers the way that I would like to be treated, just like if I was selling a vehicle to my brother,which I have.”
  • My Business Has Always Been Built On Relationships..! My Customers Becomes My Friends..! I Finish The Deal With The Old Fashion Firm Hand Shake..! My Customers Know Just How I Deal With Integrity and Trust..!
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions or help regarding anything about purchasing a vehicle!  A PH-Call Away !
  • Most Cars/Trucks Are Available To Me Thru My Dealer Network..! Call me by clicking the phone icon at the bottom of this page & my 602-935-5206 number will come up on your phone.                   
  • * Right Vehicle * Right price * 4 The Right Person..!

  • *  looking for your commercial Truck, Van Dodge, Ford Chevy and
  • *  Also Don’t Forget the Cargo Van From Mercedes Benz SPRINTER
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One thought on “CHEVY *CHRY *DGE*JEEP *FORD *RAM-TRKS CARS & SUVS *SAVE BIG $$$ Car Buying Shouldn’t Be Complicated, Just Fun Using My Savings Prgm Save>$$$ carsforsale used carforsale-AUTO CONSULTANT & Broker

  1. I always say: ” BUYING A CAR HASN’T BEEN THIS EASY SINCE YOUR 1ST ONE ” “Remembering Your Little Red Wagon ” Under Your CHRISTMAS TREE..! Memories From My Childhood..!

    Hello folks, Ken here.. I look forward to hearing from you on any questions regarding car & truck purchasing… I have years and years of experience of taking care of customers… I always treat folks like I would like to be treated. My goal is to save you as much money as possible with all my friends in the management of the dealerships regarding you purchase of one of their vehicles…

    ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I have recently lost my wife Katie to Cancer. She and I fought her battle with Multiple Myeloma For Thirteen years before she passed. We were married for 52 wonderful years…This been so very hard for me to handle…So I am getting back into the car business in a DIFFERENT WAY ( Working From My Home Office ) meeting people and helping them purchase their vehicle & saving them time and money, while at the same time I am trying to get my mind on other things… So give me a call even if it’s just to say hi.. That will be a GOOD THING and I will make another FRIEND… Thanks.!

    If you have any questions or comments regarding my website, please email or give me a call.

    Or Email: ken [at] kencars [dot] com
    Cars by Kencars & Friends

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