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Little Red Wagon

  • I have been a  Fleet director for over 20 + years… So I have soooo many years of experience in the business… With that in mind as a customer,  you in most cases only purchase a vehicle every 5 to 10 years… When you go to a dealership guess who  has  the  advantage  in  the  process… So that is where I come in…    I  have  relationships with most dealerships in the valley… In most cases I know the  Mgrs or Directors…  These are trusted colleagues whom I have worked with over the years… My program can save you hours of time doing internet research and week ends walking  around  dealership lots not  knowing  if you’ve  found  the best deal… Please contact me first and let me  Save You Time and Money!!!
  • Once I have all the information on the vehicle that you are shopping for, including all your   must-haves  or  what we  say in the  business,  all your hot buttons  and that is exactly what I will work toward… I will work hard to find you the exact vehicle that you are shopping for… My pricing on an out-the-door fleet price, including all discounts, rebates, sales tax, license and doc fees will be quoted even before you need to come to the dealer ship…   THAT  IS  ONLY  WHEN  YOU  DON’T  HAVE  A  TRADE- IN…! ! !
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  •  If you have a trade-in, then I will work with my used car buyer to give me an estimated trade value over the phone,  SUBJECT TO HIS INSPECTION  Again the value that I will quote you,  IS ONLY ESTIMATE   until my buyer gives me the actual value…  I will give you an total out-the-door price base on the  ESTIMATED TRADE-IN VALUE, just for  YOUR  CONVENIENCE to give you an idea of the total cost out the door with the estimated trade value…  
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  • To get the actual trade value, the used car buyer will need to inspect and drive your vehicle to give us a real actual cash trade-in value…(  GO  TO  DEALERSHIP  )  Once we have that number, we will make the trade-in adjustment to then give you the total out-the-door cash price of the vehicle of your choice…
  • So that is how my program works… Very simple and again you save time and money!  
  • I have hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers from over the years… Even a couple of Ex Governors for the state of Arizona, professional ball players, and a movie star or two…  Please click on my customers letters of referral page to check a few… 
  • I will always treat you, my customer exactly the way that I would like to be treated..! So you see just how easy my program is…
  • I look forward to your business… Please don’t hesitate give me an opportunity to server you… Ken Nichols   Remember

Little Red Wagon

      ”  Your  Little  Red  Wagon  

”  Remember  Buying  A  Car  Hasn’t  Been  This  Easy  Since  Your  First  One ”  

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