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8-27   Word is out of a possible Electric Camaro Sedan ???     Now I am sure that all current Chevy Camaro owners are pulling their hair out by now and saying … This just can’t be happening … This isn’t right…?  Ok, hold your horses, it’s not happening just now, it’s a few years away…  So relax, and enjoy the few years that you have to cruise down the highway in your new combustion engine till approximately 2025 or 2026 estimated…!  The electric Camaro sedan is based on the current, sixth-generation model, but with several key changes… First, we added two more doors while shortening the length of the front ones, to accommodate the sedan layout… We then added an EV-friendly front fascia that keeps some styling from the sixth-gen Camaro, while borrowing some cues from the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Bolt SUV, such as the blocked-off grille/grille insert… So you see folks, Chevy does have a plan moving forward to the environment-friendly electric Chevy Camaro… Enjoy the few years you have as of this date, 8-27-2021… Eagle-eyed readers will notice that the SS-style heat extractor on the hood is present, even though it likely won’t be necessary or functional… Outback, we replaced the familiar dual exhaust in favor of a clean lower fascia… And we’re banking on the flexible packaging of the General Motors Ultrium battery pack and BEV3 platform to make the rear seat adult-friendly… The entire ensemble of this electric Camaro sedan rides on a set of multi-five-spoke 19-inch wheels optimized for the enhanced aerodynamic properties of an EV… As exclusively reported in June, the time frame for discontinuation of the current, sixth-generation Chevy Camaro is rather fluid, with uncertainty as to when the current generation will be sunset… The original plan involved discontinuing the current, internal combustion-engined muscle car in 2023, after the 2024 model year… However, sources have also said that a plan is being considered that extends the sixth-gen Camaro program through the 2026 model year… After that, the Camaro will likely evolve into an all-new, all-electric vehicle… How many doors that the car will have is currently unclear, but given that Chevy will find itself without a single sedan no matter the door count… It’s worth noting that a future Camaro EV will be supported by  Chevrolet’s $35 billion investment to develop new electric and autonomous vehicles through 2025… The result of that plan will have the automaker plans to launch at least 20 new EV models in North America in the next five years before migrating its entire light-vehicle portfolio to EV by 2035…                                                                                                                                                                                                        *****************************************


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2022 HONDA CIVIC.!  This Civic was Big News 10 years ago when it appeared on the scene… A lot of folks were very excited…!  Now today, we just may have the same situation… The reasons that this may be happening… New & improved styling throughout the new improved and fancy new tech that makes us all say Wow …! Honey, I think we need to stop by the Honda dealership and just see for ourselves, Right…?                                                                                                          ******************************************

6-2 2022 HONDA CIVIC. ” The Little Car T.hat Could “I want you to meet the new 2022 Honda Civic sedan…  The Japan automaker has just given us a taste of this little… Big beast and WOW.  With this newly redesigned four-door, look out Honda Civic will be raising again and Big time, this time… You watch and see how this clean design takes off, with folks just loving all the features and benefits of the new car… When you open the door, it says, Comes On In & Experience Or New Space Age Cabin Design As I recall that this will be the 11th generation of CIVIC… With all the improvements such as safer, a little better fuel mileage, and last but not least the new & sleek cabin with a straight-line dash… It reminds me of the dash on the Tesla… The 2022 Honda Civic will have a larger 9-inch touchscreen and the latest electronic of  Honda’s infotainment software.

For the 1st time, the Civic gets a fully digital instrument cluster… Look to the future   upgrades for the Honda Sensing safety suite… ************************************ 

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