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The automakers hv promised 4 years that the flood gates would be open electric vehicles… The electric vehicle was kinda of a thing … You know the first one on your block to have a Let’s say a new Toyota Prius, or a Chevrolet Volt… I remember when the Volt first came out and I couldn’t wait to test drive one, it was a hoot..  Well now days the whole scene has changed, to a mainstream idea in the year of 2021 as many new models are hitting the showrooms… Guess what, I think the manufactures have figured it out.. !   Even now days the  idea of a SUV or  pickup truck, running on electric is still a hard to accept to most drivers, but they are slowly getting the idea… The manufactures are thinking that maybe the company call, TESLA  may have had a good, so should we say a great idea…  Who so far have figured out a way to keep all the money, or most of it..  Now let me go back to the beginning, of the page… Who would have ever thought that a Ford Mustang would have been produced as a electric Hot Rod…?  Not me…                Tuned, & lets keep blogging !     Ken…


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  1. Now that I have my blog site up and running, I thought that I Ken Nichols would write a blog of just how I found my way to selling cars/trks.. First about my first car, a 1947 Chevrolet that I bought for $650 money that I earned working in the grocery store and a little help from my Mother.. I was the only student in my HS that had a car…yea! Then moved to Akron, Ohio & took a job working for Firestone T&R.. In those days, I felt I was doing good and I decided to see if I could buy a brand new car… I loved the way of the styling of the 1960 Chevrolet Impala Conv… I couldn’t believe, but GMAC approved my loan and their I was in that new Chevy Convertible Life was good ..Pur price was $3400.00.. My how times has changed.. Can you believe it… After getting this new wonderful car, I was hooked.. I always thought about selling cars, but just for some reason, I just never checked it out… I took a lot of other jobs, over the years and as I worked them it was always in the back of my mind why don’t you just go sell cars.. So after many years, and building 2/3 houses, and decided to go for it..! I first started in the retail end of the business, but didn’t like the way they were dealing with customers, and that was it was not very professional… I wanted to do my way and that is be a professional, treat the customers the way you would want to be treated…
    In 1987 I found a dealer in Scottsdale Az, called Linda Brock Auto Plaza.. I ask for the the Fleet Mgrs job and it was a done deal… So I worked their for eight years and had a wonderful experience working for Linda… I ended up dealing with two governors of the state of Arizona… Many professional ball players & a couple movie stars.. It was a wonderful experience. You see the way that I took care of my customers was I always was fair, honest & upfront when quoting the customers the prices on the vehicles… My goal was always to save the customer as much money as I could, & at the save time help eliminate the hassle sometimes associated with the car buying process… Some folks think buying a car is like going to the dentist..!
    Not the way I do it… Now after 30 years off & on in the business, I have some customers who have purchases four or five vehicles from me… The reason is simple, they know how I do business & their are not surprises… Just happy customers…!
    To be continued on my next blog…! Ken Nichols

    Cars/Trks by Kencars & Friends My next blog.. I will talk about my move to EARNHARDT’S DODGE 1995

    Yes at the end of eight years at Linda Brock Auto Plaza in Scottsdale, Az… It was time to go to the next chapter in my auto sales career…

    The management at Earnhardt’s Dodge, Hyundia & Kia, ask me to come their be their fleet Director. At that time their entire fleet dept has left.. So their I was in a 14 ft wide X 70 ft long trailer in Gilbert, Az.. I was asking myself if I had made a mistake by taking the job as it was start from the beginning, but I decided that it was a great opportunity… So I started out by recruiting a couple salesmen from the retail dept just to get my fleet dept started and until I got my feet on the floor and could start recruiting my fleet managers… That’s exactly what I did.. I picked people that I had relationships over the years, and I knew about them and their character and so forth… The first few months it was difficult and our sales was very low.. However the trailer got very crowed as I increased the amount of fleet managers, as the management was asking for more sales from my department.. So I kept hiring more managers until I ask for more room as so I could get the amount of vehicles sold over the curb…I don’t think that I ever got more than a 100 vehicles sold a month while we were in the trailer… So the management allotted me the front pad of the dealership and built me room for 12 fleet manger’s offices… So we were off to the races… The story is that we started to do a third of the vehicles sales for the dealership and for nine 9 years in a row, our fleet department helped make EARNHARDT’S DODGE THE NO 1 DODGE DEALER IN THE WORLD… It’s is the records books…!

    I worked for 11 years for the Earnhardt’s..

  2. AUDI Q5

    Some folks say the Audi Q5 is the best selling vehicle in the US. I really don’t know… It must be very popular as the company has sold over 50000 last year stateside… Way more than the Q3s.. Now the MSRP of $43,000 is really not bad for such a upscale vehicle..! The rivals are the Volvo XC60/ BMW X3/ Lincoln Corsair… Based on my reading, If you are looking for and upscale SUV, and for the working man’s price in todays automobile prices… Take a look at the Mazda CX5… Many options are available including ” heads-up ” window shield display right in front of you as you drive down the highway… Safety First ” Right “… That’s my current today vehicle and I love it..! Yes I leased it for 36 mos… In today’s world of vehicle pricing, leasing seems to be the answer for you to lease/borrow/rent and ” Own ” Yel, Right..! When leasing tho, make sure you know what your are doing, or you will be paying way too much…That’s another reason to give me a call to discuss it..! More to come later down the road about the option to Lease a vehicle…!

    2021 Cadillac Escalade Very impessive I am finding out… When we talk about premium… Then the Cadillac Escalade comes to mind… Luxury…!


    If you happen to be searching for that Back-Roads Out Back Pickup, Look no futher then the Ford F150 RAPTOR…A beefer suspension, upgrade cabin, huge tires.. This something new to a production 4×4 pickup… All matched up to a Turbo V6 and a 10-speed transmisson…
    More to come folks… Stay tuned…!

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