Customer Testimonials By Video

1st Video Mr Kevin Tinter

Mr Kevin Tinter, Has Purchased A New Ford 2500 Diesel 2 yr Ago & A New 2021 Ford Mustang Rush, Aquired Fr A Dlr in Akron, Oh. Update, Mr Tinter just recently ordered from the factory a 2022 Chevy Corvette Stingray That won’t get here until next spring.. In the meantime, Kevin asked me to find him a used one… So with a little searching, I found him 2014 with 1600 miles, exactly the same…  I can’t tell you just happy Kevin is with my find… It also is very satisfying to me to be lucky enough to find the exact Vet for him to use in the meantime… God, I Just Love This Business & Customers Like Kevin… He is such a pleasure to work with…!

My Google NO 602-935-5206                                                                                            Email: redwagoncars [at] gmail [dot] com