The automakers hv promised 4 years that the flood gates would be open electric vehicles… The electric vehicle was kinda of a thing … You know the first one on your block to have a Let’s say a new Toyota Prius, or a Chevrolet Volt… I remember when the Volt first came out and I couldn’t wait to test drive one, it was a hoot..  Well now days the whole scene has changed, to a mainstream idea in the year of 2021 as many new models are hitting the showrooms… Guess what, I think the manufactures have figured it out.. !   Even now days the  idea of a SUV or  pickup truck, running on electric is still a hard to accept to most drivers, but they are slowly getting the idea… The manufactures are thinking that maybe the company call, TESLA  may have had a good, so should we say a great idea…  Who so far have figured out a way to keep all the money, or most of it..  Now let me go back to the beginning, of the page… Who would have ever thought that a Ford Mustang would have been produced as a electric Hot Rod…?  Not me…                Tuned in & lets keep blogging !     I Am Available During Normal Business Hours My Contact Info: redwagoncars [at] gmail [dot] com!  My Google No: 602-935-5206, Now Keep In Mind, You will be Asked Your First Name, and Then I will Ans your call if I am available… Thanks For Checking Out My Blog..

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