Now, I have had a “Lot” of vehicles almost 50. This was my first time making the decision to purchase a MAZDA… I don’t know why, I just never for some reason wanted Mazda… Now that I have had this SUV, I have should have looked at this product much earlier.  Now, why did I choose this one at this time… I am getting much older (Younger) right?  I was looking for Safety… This SUV has it all … Now when I took the test drive.  Wow, thru the front window shield was a display of the miles per hour that I am driving, also the lines on each side of the road were there.. So as I drove along the street if I accidentally drifted onto one side or the other line, it started flashing on and off with a beep letting me know to get back in your lane.  Also when you come to a red stop-lite, it also displayed in the windshield… Now you’re on the road, you see the speed limit signs in your windshield. You also see your speed… You can set it to let you know when & if you exceed the speed limit… I have never had this type of option on a vehicle before, and I just love it. I want to make sure that the next vehicle I get, has it for sure… Now there are so many options on this SUV I am going to list the titles.  Maybe later some of the additional options under them. but there are so many…                                                            ENGINE MECH FEATURES/ 2.5 4 CYL ENG. 227 HP 310 LB-FT TORQUE  Now this engine has so much get-up when you need it,  I was soooo surprised… I wish that I could have time to list all the options that this vehicle has, it is just unbelievable… It is such a joy to drive and own… If you would want more detailed info on this vehicle, just shoot me an email and will send you the window sticker which lists everything..The MSRP is $33,895 that also includes roof and side rails, and dest fees… If you are looking for a great SUV, give this one a look at.  You will be glad you did. This one says Luxury Out Loud, with all leather interior, Bose sound system, 19″ Alloy Wheels.. It’s a great buy… Oh, I forgot one thing, if you get a speeding ticket in this Mazda with ” Heads-Up Display It will be your fault, sorry to say…This SUV has made a believer in MAZDA  for me… Take the time to check one out and I think you will see what I am talking about…!                                                                                             

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I have the contacts to get you the best price on this vehicle…!     The Price That I Quote You, Will Be The Price When You Go For Your Test Drive…                It Will Include All Dealer Discounts, Fleet Disc ?, Rebates, Sales Tax, Lic & Dealer Doc Fees , Total Price Out The Door… All You Have To Do Is The Test Drive…!


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