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Now that I have my blog site up and running, I thought that I Ken Nichols would write a blog of just how I found my way to selling cars/trks.. First about my first car, a 1947 Chevrolet that I bought for $650 money that I earned working in the grocery store and a little help from my Mother.  I was the only student in my HS that had a car…yea! Then moved to Akron, Ohio & took a job working for Firestone T&R.. In those days, I felt I was doing good and I decided to see if I could buy a brand new car… I loved the way of the styling of the 1960 Chevrolet Impala Conv… I couldn’t believe, but GMAC approved my loan and there I was in that new Chevy Convertible Life was good ..Pur price was $3400.00.. My how times have changed.. Can you believe it… After getting this new wonderful car, I was hooked.. I always thought about selling cars, but just for some reason, I just never checked it out… I took a lot of other jobs, over the years and as I worked them it was always in the back of my mind why don’t you just go sell cars.. So after many years, and building 2/3 houses, and decided to go for it..! I first started in the retail end of the business but didn’t like the way they were dealing with customers, and that was it was not very professional… I wanted to do my way and that is to be a professional, treat the customers the way you would want to be treated…
In 1987 I found a dealer in Scottsdale Az, called Linda Brock Auto Plaza.. I ask for the the Fleet Mgrs job and it was a done deal… So I worked there for eight years and had a wonderful experience working for Linda… I ended up dealing with two governors of the state of Arizona… Many professional ball players & a couple of movie stars.. It was a wonderful experience. You see the way that I took care of my customers was I always was fair, honest & upfront when quoting the customers the prices on the vehicles… My goal was always to save the customer as much money as I could, & at the save you time help eliminate the hassle sometimes associated with the car buying process… Some folks think buying a car is like going to the dentist..!
Not the way I do it… Now after 30+ years off & on in the business, I have some customers who have purchases four or five vehicles from me… The reason is simple, they know how I do business & their are not surprises… Just happy customers…!
To be continued on my next blog…! Ken Nichols

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