“News” Item: After Selling 1000s of Vehicles, I Thought Would Be Fun For Me To Share, When I Make My Clients Happy With Their New/Used Cars & Trucks…! Make Model, & Maybe A Photo… Just For Fun…!

NEW CLIENT, TAMMY. She was referred to by a friend & previous client.. Tammy Wanted Used Toyota Prius!

Her is Tammy’s recent review on my business-Link! It’s on YELP & it reads as follows: Ken is a upstanding man filled with integrity and wanting for the best for is clients. I called Ken & explained my needs to him, and within a week, I had a car. It was an awesome. Thank you Ken. Sincerely, Tammy. By the way, I must give a huge thank-you to my special friends, Craig& Danette, who referred Tammy to me to help her find a car. They have been great friends of my and previous clients who have purchase over 6/7 vehicles over the years.. Friends for over 30 years! Jeannette SanchezFreeman Farms II

A big shout out to Ken Nichols of KenCars.com I reached out to Mr. Nichols after many frustrating and confusing months dealing with Toyota Dealerships in Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe. From my first initial conversation, I knew I was in good hands. His patience, kindness, and integrity are absolute. True to his word after a few weeks he found exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. I am now a happy owner of a 2022 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium.😊 So if you are in the market for any type of vehicle, nationwide … Ken Nichols is your man. He can be reached at KenCars.com or Redwagoncars@gmail.com. Ken Nichols, Free Personal Auto Broker/Consultant

Ken Nichols Auto Consultant, Broker – CARS/Trucks BY KENCARS & FRIENDS

Hi Jannette, I am so sorry I have been busy, and just today[1/28 ] I saw your wonderful message about how I was able to help make you a new Toyota Rav4 really happen. It only happens because of my great network of dealer contacts with who’s I have had a relationship for many years, and who I trust with my clients completely. I really appreciate your message and thank you so much. Client referrals always beat any marketing and advertising. It is folks like you that tell the real story, and again I appreciate You & your husband’s trust in me and how I get it done time and time again. I am still looking forward to our get-together, which seals the deal that my customers become my friends. It’s a great reward in my profession which I treasure. Thanks again, Ken Nichols

Jannette & Her Husband Taking Delivery Of Their New Toyota Rav4, & We Can See It is Red, Yea Her Favorite Color!

Jannette & Her Husband Taking Delivery Of Their New 2023 Toyota Rav4 Red, Yea!


ANOTHER NEW CUSTOMER BY THE NAME OF Alistair Mackey, who reside in Canada Some of the time, & Chandler, Az in Winter.

Good Morning, Alistair, I think I have found you the “Right” vehicle for your requirements… It’s a 2012 Dodge Journey SE, with 122k miles, and seems to be in excellent condition, from reading the Carfax report (attached) I have spoken to the person at the dealership which is located in Mesa on Power rd. The selling price is $6995, plus sales tax, license plate, and doc fees. Total cost $8424.59… If you like the vehicle, he will hold it for you till Dec the 1st with a deposit of $1000… Of course, you can pay for it in total… Then it’s done… Another option is you wait until you get here, and if you don’t take it, you lose the $1000, because they have taken it off of the market and could have sold it to another client… However, if you do take it, the balance due will be $7424.59.Please let me know if you want to tell them to hold it for you… I will provide you the salesman’s name, and address for you to over-nite the deposit to.Thanks, Alistair, Regards Ken Nichols

THIS MR ALISTAIR’S NEW/ USED 2012 DODGE JOURNEY SE, Yes it has 122k, but he is a very satisfied client! ***********************************************************************************************************************************************
Evonne Avalos mentioned you in “Thank you, Kenneth!”

Ken Nichols 
I contacted Kenneth N. a few weeks ago after he offered his services to help others find the car they’re looking for. I let him know exactly what my husband and I were looking for, and true to his word, he was able to help us find a car in Tempe. We were not looking for a vehicle with all the bells and whistles, but our main concern was getting a quality vehicle at a reasonable price, which we all know, has been difficult lately. It had been many years since we looked for a new car and we were so relieved to have found someone like Kenneth who did his best to find us what we wanted.
I highly recommend him, especially if you are hesitant to deal with dealerships and know what kind of car you want. He definitely saved us time and the hassle of visiting various dealerships throughout the Valley! So appreciative of you, Kenneth N.! Here is Evonne’s New/Used Hyundai Kona. She & her husband/ family are very happy!
2022 Hyundai Kona
EVONNE & JESSE'S NEW 2022 HYUNDAI KONA, They Were Very Happy Campers!