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Sharing My Thoughts With You On My Journey Into The Auto Sales Profession !

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Now that I have my blog site up and running, I thought that Ken Nichols, myself, would write a blog of just how I found my way to selling cars/trucks. First, about my first car, a 1947 Chevrolet at I bought for $650 money that I earned working during my school vacation in the grocery store and a little help from my Mother. I was the only student in my HS that had a car, yea!  Then moved to Akron, Ohio & took a job working for Firestone T&R. In those days, I felt I was doing good, and I decided to see if I could buy a brand-new car. I loved the inviting styling of the 1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible… I couldn’t believe it, but GMAC approved my loan, and there I was in that my new Chevy Convertible, all white, lots of chrome & bright red leatherette interior, Life was good … The price was $3400.00. My how times have changed. Can you believe it?   After getting this new wonderful car, I was hooked. I always thought about selling cars, but just for some reason maybe fear of not being able to do the job, I just don’t know. I just never checked it out…  I took a lot of other jobs, over the years, and as I worked them it was always in the back of my mind why don’t you just go sell cars. So after many years, and building 2/3 houses, an offer was presented to me and I just decided to go for it…!  I first started in the retail end of the business but didn’t like the way they were dealing with customers, and that was it was not very professional… I wanted to do my it way, and that is to be professional, treat the customers the way you would want to be treated.
In 1987, I found a dealer in Scottsdale, AZ, called Linda Brock Auto Plaza. I ask for the Fleet Manager’s job, and it was a done deal. So I worked there for eight years and had a wonderful experience working for Mrs. Brock, she was a great dealership owner. After a year or so there, I seem to become her “right-hand” salesperson…  I ended up dealing with two governors of the state of Arizona… Many professional ballplayers & a couple of movie stars which I never thought that I would ever meet, it was great… It has been a wonderful experience… You see the way that I take care of my customers was I was always fair, honest & upfront when quoting the customers the prices on the vehicles… My goal was always to save the customer as much money as I could, & at the same time help eliminate the hassle sometimes associated with the car buying process. Some folks think buying a car is like going to the dentist…?  That’s Not the way I do it…  I take any and all pain out of the process. Now, after 30 years off & on in the business, I have some customers who have purchases four/five or more vehicles from me over the years. The reason is Yes, at the end of eight years at Linda Brock Auto Plaza in Scottsdale, AZ… It was time to go to the next chapter in my auto sales career…simple, they know how I do business & there are no surprises. Just happy customers…!
Yes, at the end of eight years at the same Linda Brock Auto Plaza in Scottsdale, AZ… It was time to go to the next chapter in my auto sales career…!
The Next Chapter Was To Join The No1 Dodge Dealership In The World, Earnhardt Dodge In Gilbert…!   BOY WAS THAT A GREAT DECISION!!! 
This is Ken Nichols, Be sure to watch for my next chapter. Ken Nichols & his career in the car business… Next blog…?

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Remember, I am the to-go Guy to get the straight information when purchasing your next vehicle! Ken Nichols, Auto Consultant/Broker…!

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